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Why There Is An Objection on Sugar Daddy Relationship in Society

There has been a rampant increase in sugar baby relationships whereby a rich or well of older man enjoys the companionship of a much younger female in exchange for some monetary benefits. However the society is yet to catch up on this trend. This type of interaction is often unacceptable in certain social aspects.

A man who has previously engaged in such kind of a relationship may lose his chances of attaining apolitical office when the truth is revealed. This is especially if he has a wife. He may also be forced to resign if he was already in office. This happens because the society expects its leaders to meets the standards of what is considered moral. A person engaging in this kind of relationship may be alienated by both their friends and their family. It’s very hard for a parent to understand why their daughter would choose to be with a much older guy. Another reason such a relationship is frowned upon is that there’s rarely any emotional connection. The woman is perceived as materialistic since all they desire is the man’s money while the money is viewed as predatory since they may want sexual favors apart from companionship. It may also as well turn out to be physically and emotionally abusive.

The age difference also forms a part of the controversy.The older man may be manipulative and controlling while the younger female may feel obligated to offer sexual favors in exchange for the money. Due to the controlling nature of the relationship; it may have some negative effect on the mental state of the woman. Loss of self-esteem is therefore a very common result. This type of relationship is often compared to prostitution despite the fact that sex is not always part of it. This is due to the fact that both are transaction agreements devoid of any emotional attachment. The love and care the younger women show to their older counterparts and vice versa maybe mistaken for love. This I usually misleading for a partner since the other is just fulfilling their part of the deal.

Despite all this resistance form the society, it has become very easy for people seeking this kind of relationship to get connected. By simply typing in meeting sugar daddy or sugar baby seeking arrangement on the internet,you will be met by myriad of sites offering to connect you to a suitable partner.