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What Is the Double Standard of Cougars And Sugar Daddies?

While it has always been culturally normal to see older men dating younger women or even girls, there seems to be open bias when it comes to older women dating younger men. This article will disclose to you the double standards of cougars and sugar daddies.

What is the Double Standard of Cougars and Sugar Daddies?

1. Sex
A majority of people believe that cougars are only interested in younger men for sex. After all, younger men are more endowed to satisfy older women because they tend to have more sexual stamina compared to older men. In the real sense, most women who seek younger men do so because of their fun-loving personalities and youthful appearances. When it comes to sugar daddies, society forgets everything to do with sex.

2. Beauty
To attract any young man, cougars are required to remain gorgeous and sexy. Meanwhile, the number of less attractive older men pairing up with beautiful young women is alarming. It is indeed unfair that men are considered wiser, better, and sexier as they grow older while a woman's beauty is thought to depreciate with age. This belief is clear evidence that cougars are still objectified even with consummate status and money.

3. The Unjust Linguistic Characterization
In most sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships, the young ladies who meet sugar daddies are often referred to as "trophy wives" or "gold diggers." On the other hand, older women who show interests in younger men are called nasty names like "cradle snatcher" or "cougar (an older, attractive, and successful woman who is interested in dating younger men)." The young men in cougar relationships are often referred to as "toy boys" or "Ben 10." On the flip side, men seeking younger girls are considered distinguished as evidenced by the more favorable nicknames they are given like "big poppa" and "sugar daddy." As you can see, male terms are not only harmless but also cute. On the other hand, female terms are presumptuous and offensive, implying superficiality, greed, and vapidity.

Final Thoughts
Even though women have achieved more success and acceptance in the private sphere than men, there still seems to be a sexist double standard that has always persisted in our society. While sugar daddies have been accepted by society, cougars are still seen as lonely and desperate. Other people believe that cougars have something wrong for not being able to find a man their age. What's more? Despite being held to higher standards of beauty, even into old age, the motives of cougars are often questioned because they are believed to have a deficiency in their moral values.