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Things to Never Ask A Sugar Daddy And How to Improve Dialogue With Sugar Daddy

Some discussions should be avoided when talking to sugar daddy; there are things also to avoid especially if you are just going out on a first date. Below are  examples:

  • Reasons for his past break up


There are instances whereby he is just recovering from his past break up; it could also be that he lost so much during his past relationship.  Therefore, it is not reasonable to be the one who asks about his previous relationship unless he discusses it.

Financial status

Many sugar daddies are always skeptical when you ask about how much they make or the assets they have. Questions like this will bring all kind of uncertainties.

  • Your ranking in his love life


The man will be forced to get rid of you than he allowing you to compare his other romantic partners, this kind of question poses that you are already intimately involved, childish or even jealous and this is not too good for any relationship, it is better you avoid such.

  • How Vibrant he cannot get


The age difference is not something that most men want, but one of the best things to do is to pretend like you do not care about how old the man gets. Question about his health status, how physical he can get cannot help the relationship; it is also better you avoid questions like this.


When learning about meeting a sugar daddy, things that you should take note of is what to say when dialoguing with your sugar daddy, finding the right time to say such words are also essential. It is also good to know how to become a sugar baby. For example, being a sugar baby that does not guarantee the fact that you go around telling people that you are so broke, everyone should know that but what the sugar daddy does not know is if you have eyes for his money or you are so focused about his money.

What should always discuss about is your future, discuss your plans, let him know if you are creative, smart or intelligent, let him know that his presence paves the way for you. Using this type of discussion, you will be surprised that he will love to be around someone who loves to think smartly, be healthy in your discussion.