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Should You Keep Your Job When Dating A Sugar Daddy?

There is a common feeling of comfort and security among sugar babies that have landed a sugar daddy that can be ascribed to the fact that they now believe they have attained a level of financial success simply because they now have a man to pay for their needs. While this is not a bad thing, because truth be told it does feel good being properly taken care of, a very grave mistake which is often made is when sugar babies in arrangement dating give up their jobs because they now believe they no longer need them

To be as gentle and delicate as can be possible: THAT IS A BIG NO.

First and foremost, there is no such thing as too much money. Having more than a single source of income is always welcome, and there are several perks which will not only make you more comfortable but will also give you greater peace of mind.

Essentially, having your own source of income puts you in charge of your sugar baby dating situation. I'll explain. When you have your own steady source of income, it puts you ahead when you try to map out an allowance structure with your sugar daddy. You'll know your full worth and will be unwilling to accept anything even remotely below that. You become a woman in charge, and God knows there isn't a surplus of those nowadays. It also takes away any feeling of rush, because contrary to most situations, you aren't in dire need of money. You probably need a sugar daddy for the luxuries and not the necessities and as a result are in no hurry to take their time and carefully select.

Another giant perk is that you can decide when to call time on the relationship when things do not go as planned. This is because you are not dependent on your sugar daddy, and as a result have the liberty to leave, fully knowing you are not going to starve because you no longer have him. This is a good way of handling controlling sugar Daddies who think they have you at their Beck and call because you have the power to decide your own next move.

If you do decide to quit your job, maybe a low paying minimum wage job, have it at the back of your mind that Being in a sugar daddy relationship is not a permanent career path. While there are some that have maintained such relationships for years, it is not for everyone. The best step to take is to make full use of a sugar daddy opportunity and steadily groom yourself for that intended path which you want to take. Study. Learn a trade. Go to business classes. Network and establish connections. Make giant strides towards stability so that you would not be left in the lurch in the event of a sugar daddy split. The whole purpose of a sugar daddy is elevation, usually financially, and it is vital that said elevation doesn't end even long after your sugar daddy relationship does.